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Our Classical singing students sing with classical singing technique, achieve beautiful sound and clear articulation.  They learn good posture and breathing techniques for better control and voice projection.  Melodies and exercises are used for vocal flexibility and to extend their vocal range. 

In addition, they are taught drama and movement techniques for Classical Singers. 

Our students enter the ABRSM and Trinity College London Singing Exams.


Ages: 8 - 18 


Our students sing with contemporary technique and they are taught microphone technique. 
In addition, they practice acting and movement to build and enhance their personality as Vocal Performers.

Our students enter the Trinity College London Rock & Pop Vocal Exams.

Ages: 8 - 18

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Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialoque, acting and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical – humor, pathos love, anger – are communicated through words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.

Our Musical Theatre Group lessons aim to create a dynamic group of children, who sing, act and dance at the same time.


The children perform theatrically a variety of songs from Musicals, they use their imagination and creativity as performers with theatrical play and improvisation.   In addition, they are exposed to fundamental dance techniques including jazz, ballet and theatre dance. 

For children who are exposed to Musical theatre, the benefits are countless. Understanding storylines, memorizing songs, developing the ability to empathize and to feel connected to what is being played out on stage, using their creativity and imagination to develop their theatrical characters are all important aspects of learning that can prepare them for future endeavors as they grow. 


Our students enter the Trinity College London Musical Theatre Group Exams.

Musical Groups Program 2024-2025

Ages 5-17


Our Musical Theatre Solo lessons aim to help our students develop an understanding of the voice and its physical components as applied to Musical Theatre. Students work on fundamentals of healthy singing: breath support, articulation, relaxation techniques, alignment, and proper construction/placement.


Our students are introduced to the tools necessary for strong storytelling including given circumstances, objectives, obstacles, tactics and actions through the use of theatre games, exercises and practical performance analysis. They work on theatrical text and monologues from Musicals. 

In addition, they are exposed to fundamental dance techniques including jazz, ballet and theatre dance. 

Students enter the Trinity College London Musical Theatre Solo exams.

Ages: 12 - 18


Speech and Drama lessons are designed for students, who want to develop their skills in Theatre through poetry, prose, theatrical passages and monologues in a range of styles and from different periods.

Students develop skills in speech, understanding of the text and bring the text to life through their own distinct theatrical interpretation.

Students enter the Trinity College London Speech and Drama exams.

Ages: 8 - 18​

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